Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga Online and in West Wales 

When we are pregnant we want to be present in the body, with the help of pregnancy yoga you can then transfer this wisdom to childbirth….

Being pregnant is a special moment in life when it is extra important to invite time, relaxation and self-care.
During 3 Tuesdays we meet LIVE ONLINE via zoom to yoga and meditate together at 18.30-20.15.
So create your own home yoga studio, find a nice yoga mat / sheepskin / blanket to sit on and we will see you on these dates:
Pregnancy yoga is a fantastic tool to strengthen your body and mind and deepen your connection with yourself and your baby.
Pregnancy yoga provides you with gentle, mindful movements that create flexibility, strength, recovery and preparation for childbirth.
Pregnancy yoga is for all pregnant women, regardless of previous experience with yoga and pregnancy.


Prenatalyoga West Wales

Start- 11 september 2023

Time: 6-7.15

Price – £ 60

Address: Blaenffos, SA37 0HU

Teacher – Lina Nilsen 

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