Birth Journey

Private Birth Preparation course


Welcome pregnant mothers and partners to a very special preparation for your birth.

Welcome to a course that gives you and your partner powerful and effective tools to prepare as much as you can for the birth you dream of having. Birth Jouney is a journey that provides information, knowledge and inspiration on the road to parenthood.

You have the power, potential and freedom to give birth to your child as you wish.

We prepare ourselves mentally by understanding what happens in the body when we give birth, how the birth process works and the important role of the partner. We make contact with the breath and you get tools to deal with stress and fear.

Course content: 

What happens in the body when we give birth
The love hormone oxytocin
Relaxation, mental tools and the voice
How your partner can support you
Information on the procedures and options available in maternity care.
Managing stress and fear
Rituals during childbirth

You and your partner will learn and try different techniques that are effective and useful during labor.

”Active Baby” (
Tips for you as a supportive partner
Natural pain management techniques
Rebozo techniques




Duration: 6 h

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