Respectful Parenting Workshops

These Workshops are including tools how to learn to fill up your own energy through breathing and Yoga which then leads you to a stronger and happier leader for your children.

You will get powerful communication and other skills which will make parenting easier and more joyful again.

The workshop is about understanding how to react when there is an emotional outburst of your child.

Have you asked yourself why your little child is reacting the way she reacts? Did you wonder why you are responding the way you respond? To identify and redirect those energies we are more capable to have the power in our hands, to lead towards a more and more respectful parenting.

Respectful parenting includes communication skills, the power of acknowledgment, understanding the transition of your child to become an older sibling (tex), have great boundaries and disciplin without yelling, and so much more….

“Triggered by our anger, frustration, fear, or guilt, we are likely to respond in a manner that unfortunately creates even more challenging behavior. Truly, when children repeatedly test, it is more often than not the direct result of our previous responses.  That is why remaining calm and centered matters. A lot.”

Lena gives these tools so can make confident choices in your parenting style. So that you have tools to spread love all around!


Lenna Penno Andersson

I am a mother of 2 beautiful souls who are so different from each other and which are teaching me to see the world from different perspectives.

I am from a Life- and Healthcoaching backround and work also as a Doula. I work from Body, Mind and Soul perspective and try to spread love and empower women and families as much as possiable.



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Plats Yogacentret, Planteringsvagen 198, Helsingborg

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